Coldwell Banker Training Academy is considered one of the specialized institutes in Egypt that offers Real Estate education development and this should help Egypt build their leaders of tomorrow and create a deeper pool of talents in the Real Estate sales field. These courses are designed to offer all candidates interested in Real Estate sales a greater insight into the profession of selling and closing deals. Coldwell Banker Courses are delivered by professionals with over 10 years’ experience in real estate, the courses consists of both theoretical and practical elements of the real estate sales process with the emphasis on negotiations and closings.

Coldwell Banker Commercial and Investment Certificate

Days: 4
Credit hours: 16
Time: 11:0 AM - 3:00 PM

Starting Date: 19/12/2017

Price: 3,800


This Certificate is designed to develop your knowledge of fundamental principles and contemporary techniques of the financial process. Boost both your earnings and confidence. Gain a well-rounded education in Commercial Investment in Real Estate


Target Audience

  • Interested to pursue a Commercial Real Estate Career
  • People currently working as Commercial Real Estate agents
  • Self-investors who want to improve their knowledge/pursue their own business.


Course Outline:

Day 1 - Investment Fundamentals

  • Define invest and name three investor types
  • Distinguish between loan and equity investments
  • Identify investment characteristics such as liquidity and marketability
  • Identify accepted strategies for quantifying and managing risk
  • Categorize the Real Estate investment properties according to property type
  • Identify T-bar components and how T-bars are used to compare investments
  • State general investor preferences regarding optimal returns on investment

 Day 2 - Cash Flow Model for Commercial Properties

  • Identify the components of the Cash Flow Model and where NOI - (Net operating income fits into the model)
  • Define and identify the components of NOI
  • Identify data source  used to calculate NOI
  • Calculate NOI using the APOD - (Annual Property Operating Data worksheet and case data provided)

Day 3 - Real Estate Property Appraisal

  • Learn the differences between the value, price and cost of any property
  • Different types property value
  • Importance of property appraisal
  • How to appraise a property?
  • Different approaches (The Three Approaches) used to appraise and when to use and drawbacks of each approach.
  • Use of income analysis to appraise
  • Capitalization rate and its relation with appraising a property
  • Discounted cash flow and its relation with appraising a property
  • Appraisal regulations

Day 4 - Office Space Categories and Retail

  • Facilities
  • Types of office buildings
  • Comparison between buildings types
  • What to look for in an office
  • Learning the needs of office tenant
  • Check Point in the leasing transaction
  • Office Space Market Trends
  • Develop an AOR - (Area Of Responsibility retail)
  • Distinguish types and features of retail properties and it’s transaction
  • How to deal with financial analysis of retail properties
  • Prospect and retail users identification
  • Service retail listing and how to represent retail tenants


Coldwell Banker Advanced Investment Certificate 



Days: 2
Credit hours: 10
Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM



In this 2-day course, we’ll explore commercial real estate as an interdisciplinary field. You’ll explore several aspects relating to finance, development, property management and analysis. Gain valuable insight into best practices and industry trends, and connect with others in this fast-moving profession.

Target Audience

·       Real Estate Professionals and interested to gain knowledge in the Commercial Real Estate sector

·       Self-investors who want to improve their knowledge in the Commercial Real Estate market

·       Interested to course a career in the commercial Real Estate Field


Course Outline:


Module 1: Time Value of money


  • Introducing types of Investment
  • Understanding importance of time in investment
  • FV (Future Value) and compounding concept
  • PV (Present Value) and discounting concept
  • Understanding income properties and cash flow
  • Using TVM (Time Value of Money) concept in calculating property return 
  • TVM Assignments using excel based tool 



Module 2: It’s an Investment NOT a property


  • Financial tools to evaluate returns and the difference between them: NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Interest Rate of Return) , ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Definition of Cap rate and how to use it.
  • Real Estate yields compared to other investments
  • Common types of investment returns
  • Calculate IRR using excel
  • ROI and Analysis using Excel based tools
  • Property Evaluation and pricing


Direct and Indirect Training methods:

  • Role-play
  • Simulation exercises
  • Discussion/debate formats
  • Experiential exercises
  • Assignments

Coldwell Banker Managerial Certificate

Days: 3
Credit hours: 12
Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Course Objectives: To develop your managerial skills which will help you learn how to supervise, lead, develop, and direct your employees both individually and collectively to accomplish organizational goals. Understanding the essential responsibilities you should practice to help you direct teams.  This course will lead you to fulfill your duties and recognize the potential of your team.

Target Audience

·       Managers, Business owners, Supervisors, Team leaders

·       Self-investors who want to improve their knowledge/pursue their own business.


Course Outline:

Day 1 - Coaching For Performance

·       This course will give you an opportunity to experiment and practice different coaching techniques and styles

·       You’ll get ongoing feedback to build your confidence and enhance your competence in coaching

·       Presenting a wide range of methodologies that will guide you through different coaching skills, situations and requirements

·       Increase the productivity of your department

·       Use the three principles of effective communication

·       Recognize opportunities in coaching

·       Demonstrate the ability of others through using G.R.O.W. coaching models Focus on staff performance improvement

Day 2 - Self Development Personally and Socially

·       Achieve personal and interpersonal skills

·       Gain control over your life

·       Live with a purpose and vision

·       Focus on the highest priorities

·       Build a win-win relationship with others

·       Listen effectively

·       How to work with other to reach better solutions

·       How to achieve work/life balance

Day 3 - Time Management and Goal settings for Managers

Any Managerial post is very demanding with a heavy load of responsibilities. Part of the success of any manager or responsible post is having excellent time management skills. Time management is the road to success.

In this course you will learn how to:

·       Increase your productivity

·       Identify the most important tasks and create plans to allocate time accordingly, along with tools to stick with it.

·       Learn how to be organized motivated and effective in your personal and business life.

·       Learn to use time effectively

·       Stress handling & effective delegation. 

·       Delegation and how it empowers your staff to work independently and confidently

·       Analyze your business using SWOT Analysis.

Keep yourself posted for the starting date

Coldwell Banker Professional Sales Certificate

Days: 3
Credit hours: 15
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


This certificate is designed to help candidates become Professional Residential Real Estate consultants and enhance the skills of consultants who already work in the field. Candidates will gain the knowledge of setting their goals, identifying the sales cycle, client handling, negotiation skills, and closing deals in order to submit the first 3 week business plan at work.

Target Audience

·       Candidates Interested in pursuing a career in Real Estate Marketing

·       Self-investors who want to improve their knowledge in the Real Estate market

Price: LE 3,200

Course Outline: 

Day 1:

  • Roles of Real Estate Associate REA
    • Key Responsibilities of Sales Advisor
    • Characteristics, Skills & Qualities
    • Habits to become more effective sales person
  • Customers Buying Cycle
    • Customer Buying process
    • How to apply the cycle of success?
    • What is the DNA?
  • Sales Cycle:
    • Stages & Steps of sales Process
    • Principles of Sales
    • Identifying and understanding your target market
  • Prospecting tools & Methods
    • Using change to create discontent
    • Developing your sphere of influence
    • Developing effective attack plan to attract new prospects

Day Two:

  • Approaching your prospect
    • Actively generate new leads using different sources
    • Telephone Approach
    • Steps on how to obtain appointment with clients
    • Applying the ABC Technique
    • How to avoid mistakes.
  • Time Management for sales associate
    • Nature & Facts
    • Definition & Specification
    • Benefits & priorities

Day Three:

  • Showing Tips
    • Showing Preparation
    • Highlight on curb appeal
  • Features Vs. Benefits
    • Needs, Wants & Buying Motives
    • Translate features to benefits
    • Types of Benefits
    • Developing your sphere of influence
    • Developing effective attack plan to attract new prospects
  • Real Estate Negotiation Strategies to attain a client
    • Distinguish between bargaining, influencing and negotiating
    • Uncover buyer’s DNA
    • Steps of selecting properties
    • Techniques for demonstrating properties
    • Identify buyer signals 
    • Practice the skills necessary for good negotiation
    • Identify the three critical variables that impact every negotiation
    • Building negotiation strategy (win-lose & win-win)
    • Learning the 10 golden negotiation tips
  •  Real Estate Closing Deals
    • Identify what’s the meaning of closing
    • Closing is using K.A.S.H. technique (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) 
    • Understand why “Closing” seems so hard
    • How to handle objections
    • Learn different types of closings


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